Sep 25, 2008


Here she is finally - MY PRESS!

It's gonna be a while before we're up and running but I'm excited!!

( o ) ( o )

That's right.

Sep 8, 2008

The Champ.

My good friend Ethan has some righteous lightboxes up at Miro Tea in Ballard. The show has been extended through the end of September and is wildly successful. Great job Ethan! Go buy one everybody!

See more of them here --->

Sep 3, 2008


Perhaps that's what I'll call them one day. Commissioned by a friend as a birthday gift, these are the most recent incarnation of my vulva panties. I added a little more detail in fabric and embroidery, and I like it! I think you'll see even more detail with embroidery the next time around.

Crocheted Rings

A spur of the moment impulse craft. I'm thinking the button rings and crochet rings might mash themselves together to make intriguing babies.