Aug 4, 2013

grief + impotence

I feel great despair over having been born into the time in which I live, though I know I have no power to change it and must find a way to cope with my temporal circumstances. It seems that humanity is approaching a great turning point - we are quickly exhausting our resources and it is no longer a part of our culture to honor, respect and revere the source of those resources and our only home. The consequences are steadily mounting and yet we do so little in response to the clear danger we put ourselves in. We have so much faith in human innovation - we think it can save us from ourselves - how can we be so arrogant? How can it be so hard to see that we are a part of - and depend on - something so much greater than ourselves? Why can't humanity see itself in context anymore? Many individuals can, what keeps the whole from knowing the same? We used to know it. I fear that during my lifetime I will only see the degradation as we approach the edge. If we can make choices that lead us toward a more respectful and sustainable future I will be relieved and grateful, though I will mourn for I fear such change will not come in my lifetime, or only near the very end - and I dare not bring any children into this world for our growing numbers are our downfall. I am filled equally with such feelings of grief and impotence that my heart breaks.