Jun 29, 2012


One of my goals lately has been to do more drawing, so here are some tid bits from my sketchbook:

a school of fish \\

// ouroboros

process from this class assignment \\

// I had a crocodile dream....

...and now I can't get them off my mind! \\

// Sometimes I try to explain the ups and downs of life with a graph.

PMA!! \\

Jun 6, 2012

horse on driftwood

This has been sitting around my apartment for the past several weeks. Driftwood + wood cutting tools + pen + watercolors. Not sure if I should consider it a work in progress, leave it as is, or move on. It began as an impulsive act; I rifled through some of my old stuff, found a drawing I liked, slapped it on that driftwood and attacked it with my little used wood carving tools. The process was very enjoyable, but I'm still not sure how I feel about what's there (or not there).

Jun 2, 2012


Here's another assignment from my online class, well... part of it anyway. It was a three part assignment inspired by the past, present, and future - above is my piece inspired by the past. I haven't tackled the present or the future yet, should I read something into that you think? I've decided I'll finish up all parts of the assignments in my own time as I'm more satisfied with my work when I'm not worried about keeping up with the pace of the class. I'll get to it all eventually and learn something from each, I'm sure.

Which part of my past was this piece inspired by you say? Why the part of my past where I obsessively collected model horses of course! The horse in this piece is modeled after my first model, whom I called Red. I had fun playing with circle shapes as they've been in my head a lot lately. I'm also excited about the technique I used for the horse here, drawing directly onto a found image or texture. One of my recent goals has been to draw more, so I think this will be a good way to work it into my mixed media adventures. I wish there were more contrast in color/texture between the largest circle and the horse though, and maybe I want to see a little more of the blue shapes?

**edit** I think I like this crop better....