Jul 13, 2010


I just announced that I, in my Etsy shop, am willing to HAGGLE! (more than willing really, I love to haggle) So if you see something you like but wanna pay a little less, just run it by me in a convo - and we'll haggle! There's been many an Etsy item I've fallen in love with, but I thought to myself "just a few dollars less and I wouldn't hesitate." I don't want people leaving my shop with that thought, so that's where the haggle comes in!

It seems haggling is dying out here in America and I think it deserves a revival. It flourishes in other countries and in small niches like some street markets + fairs and among antique rovers, but why not elsewhere? I see it more among an older generation (wisdom!) but I think it's something we young people could benefit from. It's certainly an opportunity for further interaction and relationship building between community members.

What do you all think? Has anyone else tried this in their Etsy shop, or know someone who has? Experiment!!

Hagglehagglehaggle. What a funny word.