Aug 18, 2008


I fairly often find myself with clothes I don't wear anymore, but would rather not just chuck out, so I'd like to make a quilt with them. I'm thinking something lap-blanket sized and perfect for picnic-ing. I started working on a design but now am having second thoughts. I saw a few things this weekend that make me want to start again on a new design, or just rethink the whole fabric selection I have. I wanted to do rainbow, but now I'm thinking monochromatic. I don't know! Stay tuned...

Amy-Cake Button Rings

I finally started putting my pound of buttons to use: button rings! These are just the first round, so construction needs to be tested and fine tuned, but maybe for sale one day? They remind me of the fake cakes that Amy Sedaris makes.

The Angry Bunny Brigade

Rabbit, Horse, Boar, Ram, Rat, and Rooster are only half the Chinese Zodiac but they're still pretty cute...or irritated? A baby present for a friend.


Found on the sidewalk in Ballard.

It was kind of full of ants when I found it, but that was only because there was a piece of chewed gum stuck on the corner. It's a little dirty and water damaged inside, but it doesn't smell or anything so I think I'll be able to clean it up right nice.

Home vs. Store

The lucious orange yolks are from my mom's chickens, the other is from the store. Go, chickies, go!