Mar 26, 2011

i wanna make your sci-fi/fantasy book cover dreams come true

Do you have a small art or illustration project that needs doing? Maybe you make music and require a show poster or two? Are you writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel that needs original cover art? (I'd love to!!) Or do you just need a few things neatly handwritten? I'm well acquainted with chalkboards, great with blogs, and am a cracker-jack linoblock carver. (I also cut and paste most excellently!) Have me do your art projects!

(p.s. when i say cut and paste i don't mean ctrl+x/ctrl+v -- i mean scissors and glue.)

Mar 22, 2011


Today I completed a little comp of my China zine.

I ended up doing the imposition by hand due to a lack of Adobe programs and it went surprisingly well. Also, I discovered my printer lines up double-sided prints like a champ - well done little guy! The cover sheet is some rad old hand-painted wallpaper. I love it! I'm planning on block printing the covers, so after some simple content editing I'll be drawing, carving and printing those.

Mar 14, 2011

the china syndrome

I've been working on a zine about my adventure in China two summers ago, it will feature most of the watercolor drawings and collages I made while in China as well as a few snippets of journal writing from that time. Here are some rough scans of the pages I've done lately:

I'm excited to finish, but who knows when that will be given I work at a snail's pace (it's cool, man...). In any case, trust that if you are one of my loved ones you'll be seeing it - maybe more than you'd like! c:

Mar 11, 2011

march star*cast

This month's full moon, the Worm Moon, will be the biggest and brightest of the year thanks to perigee. Hooray! Read more about it here. News of this most wonderful of full moons has me kicking myself even more than before for deciding not to visit SXSW this year. I feel like a first class dummy. :(

Apogee/Perigee image, thanks NASA!

Mar 7, 2011

mtns on my mind

This is the view from my apartment window:

I see them everyday, I have for the past two years and they're still a marvel to me. I spend time with them. They change, they hide, they have moods, but they're always there - and always a marvel. No wonder they've been on my mind and in my journal.

Mar 6, 2011

my sky tonight

Let me hear the wisdom as the moon speaks to the sea!