Jan 5, 2009


FYI - Its dark here in the winter and I don't own any lights.

This is my first real successful knitting project. I'm not exactly sure what it is though. It's a little fat to be a scarf. A bit small to be a blanket. Maybe its a shawl? The body is just a simple basketweave pattern and the edge is crochet. And its 100% vintage yarn!!

I can't read japanese...

I bought these japanese knit and crochet books way back for my birthday. They are absolutely gorgeous! I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out, especially if there are picture diagrams (which there are in the crochet book), but I can barely read an english knitting pattern. Here's my first attempt at deciphering a japanese knitting pattern. Its supposed to be a net style grocery/market bag. It only fits cat toys.

Totally. Wrong. My second attempt was better, but still not quite right. And sometimes my sweet potatoes fall out of the holes and onto the street. :(

Back on the Horse!

I know its been a while...but let pretend it hasn't!! I lub my desk!!!