Feb 25, 2012

works in progress

Still not finding the time I want to. Wondering what or how things need to change. I'm passing up blog posts and putting off projects. Doesn't quite feel like my life, or at least not my life as I like it. Feeling stuck in a holding pattern. No bueno! Bu hao!

But the sky is so pretty today. And Johnnie is sick so we're having a Twin Peaks marathon. S'not all bad. Not even close.


  1. Hen hao! What is that the polar bear one's set in?

    1. The polar bear and gnu are both on little wooden... plaques. I think that would be the right word for them? Is that what you are asking? He's also sitting on an iceberg in space.

  2. Enjoying these very much. Also, very much understand where you are coming from with feeling stuck. Sending some love. Lets do something tomorrow. I think I need to stay in tonight. Xo.