Sep 3, 2010

Gournal share!

Alright, here's another journal entry for all to see! Actually since I'm making this a regular and recurring post on my blog it better have a special name, right? Henceforth, this feature shall be known as... the "gournal share." Yes, gournal. If you've seen the movie Wet Hot American Summer you'll get this reference to Paul Rudd's charming mispronunciation. If not, you need to see it like, now!
Anyhoo, onto the share:

I opened up my old journal today looking for an image to post and found this little collage, the very first art entry. I used to find this image sort of abject and morbid but today it struck me very clearly as a resurrection. When I made this collage I was going through a time of general growth in my personal life, and growth I've come to realize, is always a little messy. There was a lot of upheaval and uncertainty; it had been a long time since I'd shown any new growth creatively and I was feeling lost, stuck and a little depressed. I was getting tense and frustrated, coming to the point where I couldn't stand those feelings anymore when one Saturday at work this just came busting out. It was spontaneous and almost uncontrollable. And it felt SO GOOD! I believe I stood cutting and pasting for an hour or so while my coworkers well... worked. (Sorry guys!) For almost a year after that day I couldn't be separated from my art journal, I took it everywhere and worked in it regularly. It brought me huge amounts of peace and was exactly what I needed at that time - a place to work through and express loads of complicated and confusing thoughts and feelings as I brought about drastic changes in my life and in my self. Working in this journal allowed me to grow elsewhere, creatively and otherwise. I started it without any knowledge or intention of where it would go but it's pulled me in a whole new creative direction, a trajectory that I'm so pleased to be on now!

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