Jan 11, 2010

christmas drive back home:

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Jan 10, 2010


Mi madres flock. These chickens are just so damn cool. Every time I walked outside a mob would come rushing up to talk at me in their little chicken voices. Telling me who knows what, but I heard all about it! They have dinosaur eye-balls that are remarkably inquisitive and expressive! And, of course, they enjoy snacks. c:


Jan 4, 2010

the new year

I was at Mt. Hood for New Years and got to try some new things with the Polaroid. On our last night we visited Timberline Lodge and oh! how I fell in love! I think maybe I want to live there. The lodge itself was incredible, being built completely by hand in 1936 by the WPA. It was full of hand crafted textiles, ironwork, woodwork and more! Plus, outside you can play in the snow however you like and the view of the mountain, even in the dark, is mind blowing! Such a good vibe there!! Here's what I saw during my tromp about:



We arrived right at the beginning of dusk and I'm surprised I got as many as I did, I think all the snow helped by reflecting what little light there was. I'm guessing the green aurora in each is from the cold. I tried a double exposure for the first time and it totally worked! (third down) Very excited to do more of those. I also tried shooting people inside for the first time - and although we had to turn the lights up bright and they still came out dark, it was quite a lot of fun. I hadn't shot people or a group before, I liked the challenge of watching and waiting for just the right moment.


Not. Too. Shabby.