Sep 25, 2008


Here she is finally - MY PRESS!

It's gonna be a while before we're up and running but I'm excited!!

( o ) ( o )

That's right.

Sep 8, 2008

The Champ.

My good friend Ethan has some righteous lightboxes up at Miro Tea in Ballard. The show has been extended through the end of September and is wildly successful. Great job Ethan! Go buy one everybody!

See more of them here --->

Sep 3, 2008


Perhaps that's what I'll call them one day. Commissioned by a friend as a birthday gift, these are the most recent incarnation of my vulva panties. I added a little more detail in fabric and embroidery, and I like it! I think you'll see even more detail with embroidery the next time around.

Crocheted Rings

A spur of the moment impulse craft. I'm thinking the button rings and crochet rings might mash themselves together to make intriguing babies.

Aug 18, 2008


I fairly often find myself with clothes I don't wear anymore, but would rather not just chuck out, so I'd like to make a quilt with them. I'm thinking something lap-blanket sized and perfect for picnic-ing. I started working on a design but now am having second thoughts. I saw a few things this weekend that make me want to start again on a new design, or just rethink the whole fabric selection I have. I wanted to do rainbow, but now I'm thinking monochromatic. I don't know! Stay tuned...

Amy-Cake Button Rings

I finally started putting my pound of buttons to use: button rings! These are just the first round, so construction needs to be tested and fine tuned, but maybe for sale one day? They remind me of the fake cakes that Amy Sedaris makes.

The Angry Bunny Brigade

Rabbit, Horse, Boar, Ram, Rat, and Rooster are only half the Chinese Zodiac but they're still pretty cute...or irritated? A baby present for a friend.


Found on the sidewalk in Ballard.

It was kind of full of ants when I found it, but that was only because there was a piece of chewed gum stuck on the corner. It's a little dirty and water damaged inside, but it doesn't smell or anything so I think I'll be able to clean it up right nice.

Home vs. Store

The lucious orange yolks are from my mom's chickens, the other is from the store. Go, chickies, go!

Jul 28, 2008

Thumpity - THUMP!

This shirt was a birthday present for Eric.

I may be selling some shirts like these in the near-ish future. Stay tuned!

Viva Mexico!

I made this journal for my grandma:

I'd kind of like to steal it back from her...
P.S. this journal kind of reminds me of mexico, maybe? bright colors?


This weekend Eric and I visited my parent's house and got to see all their chickens - WHEEE! Look at how awesome they are:

And here are the bebehs:

This little guy is my special buddy. They feel like kittens and make the most wonderful little peep-peep sounds. They'll even snuggle into your sweater and around your neck. Its the best.

Nectarine Rest

My nectarines needed something to sheild them from the metal bars of their basket so I made this granny square with my Smart Monkey yarn. (See the yarn a few posts down.)

I like this:

I made it!

Jul 14, 2008

Fremont Farket!

Some of our swag from the Fremont Market this past Sunday:
A large framed Audobon print, certainly not an original but still glorious.

And some recycled yarn from Smart Monkey. This woman unravels old sweaters to make some really neato balls of yarn.

Jul 10, 2008

More Recently:

My leetle elephant friend with ze miss-matched button eyes.


Alright, time to catch up with some long finished, but never displayed craft projects.

Felt journal with chives:
The crocheted t-shirt bag:

The beginning of body parts:

Lobes and hemispheres of the brain t-shirt:

We Are All Welcomed With Buttons!

When I visited Vancouver BC I stumbled across a store that only sells buttons. ONLY SELLS BUTTONS!! It was fantastic. I bought a one pound bag of buttons for four dollars. Clearly buttons were the perfect subject for an initial blog post. Here they are in all their GLORY.