Feb 11, 2011


Making myself business cards is the most tedious of chores. I find them irritating not through any fault of their own, but because of my own capriciousness. Just when I've put 100 cards through three runs on the letterpress I decide they're somehow inadequate. Or inappropriate. Or I change my phone number. Or my blog address. (Whatever, I like being difficult.) So here's what I've done this time. I only made 25 and I did them completely by hand whilst watching TV. Very little invested so that two months from now when I decide they become obsolete - no big deal! AND I got to watch TV guiltlessly! (I was doing "a project.")

A little watercolor. A little marker. A little customizable self-inking stamp. Voila! The yellow is of course virtually illegible but hey, such is life when you're the color yellow I suppose. I'm sure she's used to it by now. Also, there were only two ".coms" so you know, just imagine the other one in I guess. 

But hey! There's rainbow colors, and cursive, and necessary contact information. What more do you, or I, or they need really?


  1. Hmmm, I'm thinking maybe I should've eliminated the ".coms" all together....

  2. They look so good! Next time maybe you could put a single .com on the bottom...

  3. I think they are beautiful! I would support you though if you wanted to eliminate all .com's. Missing you and sending you love on this day of hearts. Xoxoxo.