Apr 29, 2011

a big deal

Ok friends, it's been quiet over here because I've been working on a big exciting new step in my life//art -- I've decided to sell small original watercolor paintings straight from my art journal!! I just finished listing 8 in my shop, GO SEE! I think it's looking pretty sharp over there...

I've been afraid to do this for quite some time, but recently I said "f-it! painting little watercolors is my favorite thing and I just want to do it all the time, so WHY NOT??!" And there you have it. 

I've decided to sell them for just $12 because kick-ass art should be attainable by all, don't you think?

I hope this is exciting for you guys too, I don't want to be having all the fun by myself. Take a peek and let me know what you think, don't forget to spread the word if you dig it! 

p.s. I feel like I should have more to say on this subject but I'm a lil tired and out of it. If I've left questions unanswered please ask them!


  1. Do they come with a certificate of authenticity?

  2. no, but i'll be signing them each with a lipstick kiss on the back - that's pretty much the same thing right?