Nov 30, 2009

CarkEEk Park

Took the Polaroid to Carkeek Park this weekend to explore. YES! NEW PARK! MORE PORTRAITS OF MY TREE FAMILY!! The weather was on the lighter side of grim for once, and my enthusiasm was through the roof.


There's a creek in this park, very cool. There were even spent salmon in it! (too bad that photo didn't come out - so!)


I'm starting to catch on to focus, light and shutter particularities but here's my trouble - when I'm outside its difficult for the photos to dry properly, and when I put them away they stick together creating blemishes. Any suggestions outside of just waiting longer to stick em in the envelope? Is this a temperature thing that could possibly lessen in the summer time? Is there a magic paper I can stick between the photos? Am I just being lazy? Will trade for magic secrets.

*thanks ben, for getting me there and putting up with my raw enthusiam. !!SQUIRREL!!

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