May 16, 2010

Full & Faithful.

It's time to retire an item that has been very dear to me for the last year - my art journal. I have carried it with me at all times, now it is full and I get to move on to the next one. I found this journal years ago at the Fremont Sunday Market, it was made in Shanghai in the 1940's or 1950's - funny, it made it back to Shanghai last June! It was my savior there, and in many other times and places. Oh, it has been so good! I've never enjoyed an art journal more, something just clicked with this one. When I look through this journal I see a very whole expression of my self - probably because it's a dynamic mess of writing, collage, drawing, painting, polaroid transfer, and other experimental techniques. Dynamic mess - that sounds like me. :)

Time to move on, and all that comes with it. Onward!


  1. This is a beautiful post! I cannot wait to see what comes from that journal. - Meaghan

  2. Oh this is really inspiring, Chelcie!
    I've been really want to start one this year but never seemed to get started! Such a beautiful book! Yay!



    PS: I am so glad to meet you through etsy:)

  3. That looks like a book filled with treasures to me!! I like your mess!!