Sep 7, 2009

Shop Cards -- Runs 1 & 2

So the other night on a bit of a whim I printed the first project on my Kelsey -- cards for my soon-to-be etsy shop. (which will feature a handful of my art, craft, & printing endeavors.) Oh man, I had a good time. Maybe a little too good, had I not been so damn excited I probably would've taken a little more time to fuss with details like proper ink coverage. All the same, I think they turned out pretty well for a first try. My camera wasn't very into taking photos this night, apologies for the fuzz.

As you can see in the photos I did them in two runs: one for the lead type and one for the linocut, as the lino block was a bit wider than the type form. Typesetting is always a puzzle but even more so when you're working with letterpress hand-me-downs. The only word spacing I have is 10pt, 14pt, and 18pt so that dictated my type choices. Hence 3 faces of Old E on one card! Also, I don't have a single em quad! I was a bit worried that the masses of 3 & 4m's in the form would prove unstable during printing but it held together just fine. Horray! One more run to go and they'll be finished.


  1. I like what you printed, it looks great.
    Did you use type-height lino blocks? Where did you find them?

  2. Thanks! My lino blocks are not type-height, another reason for printing the two separately.

  3. teehee, thanks for your comment - I have a Craftsmen Imperial, and I have barely done anything with it yet. (I think I'm afraid of it.) I'm working on art for some polymer plates at the moment. I have some lead type, but like you I'm at loss for proper spacing. I'm gonna get the plates working and then tackle type setting again.

  4. with all that gorgeous wood type -- who needs word spacing!! I was REAL scared of my press for a whole year, but I finally worked up the nerve to dive in and now I'm so happy!! c: