Nov 10, 2009

New Toy

So I take lots of walks in Discovery Park these days, and whenever I'm there I crave a dog as my buddy and camera to record my discoveries. Since a dog would be a fairly irresponsible acquisition at this point I decided to go for the camera. I don't have the commitment or the patience for a traditional film camera with all its developing and lack of instant gratification, and a digital just doesn't feel right - so I researched instants for a few days straight and ended up with this:
Its a Polaroid Automatic 100 and it takes Fuji FP 100c film -- which is still in production, yeah! When it arrived I took it apart and did a little restoration, and also coverted the battery compartment to take AAA batteries instead of whatever dinosaur battery was in there to begin with. its really charming and i love it.

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