Jun 28, 2010

Best day.

Today was the best day, for so many reasons. Sunshine. Yard naps. Ukulele. Matching outfits. (>.<) I could go on, but I won't.

( ( ( ) )
 ( ( ) ) )

These are all double exposures - and I love them, especially the last one. Really fun new experiment!
 * * * *
While I'm here I feel the need to point out that the pictures I take are totally for fun, and are not to be taken seriously (by you or me!) despite the frequency with which I post them. Truth be told, I just love to fiddle with with my camera on an outside day - and the instant prints are so easy and fun to share! Also, not a single one is in the least bit photo-shopped, I'm too lazy for that sort of thing. (It's enough for me to muster a scan and post!) So please, enjoy them as I do - as a simple and joyful diversion, not unlike candy or a popsicle. :D

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