Jul 22, 2011


More camping! This time at Lake Wynoochee in the Olympic foothills.

Our walk-in campsite was super close to the lake, but as you can probably guess we didn't see much swimming weather. Instead of swimming Johnnie tended the fire while I read and we both ate hot dogs with salmon cream cheese and pickled okra. Strange I know, but we were both too mystified by the music in the Monte Thriftway to buy proper groceries. We didn't even buy beer! Whaaa?

I've made it to The Two Towers and as I promised here's the cover art, presumably by the same mystery artist as the first:

Again, you won't regret clicking to enlarge this guy. Look at that color scheme! Totally kick-ass.

I spent much time on the Wynoochee River growing up and it came to be a sort of sacred place for me. I never felt very at home in Aberdeen, but I always felt at home on the river. It was interesting to go back again after many years away. The trip was only one night but as we drove back to Seattle I had a moment of clarity where I saw Seattle and my life here from outside myself and I fell in love all over again! Before I came to Seattle it felt like I was living life through some smothering protective cocoon, now I'm thriving and I feel so free. Here I've found friends like none other - real, real good peeps. It's good to fall in love with this city and my life here again. Thanks you guys. 

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