Feb 16, 2012

long overdue

I was working on these around the same time I finished up the last five I posted in January, I just haven't managed to post them until now. My life is a little unsettled at the moment, things are stopping and starting then stopping and starting again. It's been hard to find much of a routine, let alone a rhythm that feeds creativity. I haven't been completely unproductive though, I just started working on a new surface and am excited to share my experiment. I'll get a few posted as soon as I can finish them up.

As for these four, the first is in my usual size range at about 5"x7" but the last three are about twice that size. It's been fun working a little bit bigger and I think I'll keep at it. I started the second image with the girl on the mountain top a long, long time ago... I think about a year ago now! Finally calling her finished. The last image felt done but now that I see it again after a bit, I think it's awaiting a few final touches.

And now I'm off to my first (and much needed) acupuncture in quite some time. Hallelujah!


  1. I love the rhino!! also, those green things in the last one totally look like buggels to me. but maybe i'm just hungry.

    1. Thanks Lily! I thought the same thing about the buggels! Where does one find buggels these days, anyway? They seem like an endangered snack species maybe.