Apr 1, 2012

new works

First, I just have to say -- the light lingers on! I'm writing this at 7:30 in the evening with a beautiful pastel sunset to gaze upon.  It is spring!

Well, I've had a very busy work schedule lately as this transitional time in my life carries on. I guess you could say our lives are constantly in transition, but you know what I mean. Transitions vary I suppose, they differ in character and intensity and what not - some being more acute, others more subtle and unassuming. This transitional time isn't particularly wild but I am noticing it for sure, and I find it very interesting. I find myself thinking back to other transitional times in my life and they seem equally vague and traumatic to my memory, and I wonder how this time will look to my future mind. I think of the things those transitional times led to and I wonder where this one will bring me. I feel fairly well fortified and flexible, change is good exercise for sure, but I'll still be happy when a little more rhythm and familiarity return.

Anyhoo, like I said, lots of days working and not much free time. Many complaints from Ralphie and very little time for art projects and contemplation. And yet! I've got a few new things to share. Two of these you've seen in earlier stages and one is very, very new.

Trying new things is good! And scary! Working on these little wood plaques is new, and seems to be going ok so far. Though, when a piece is at one of those tough/awkward stages I think to myself "what a waste of this wooden thing!" I also did a little more involved illustration with our crab buddy up there than usual. Drawing tends to make me very frustrated and crazy because I want everything perfect and exactly right, so I cheated a little and used some tracing paper for help. I'm not ashamed. At least I still have my sanity. Work smart! Not hard!

I've been reminded by my busy schedule that pursuing an art requires so much self discipline. It's staggering how much. I've also been reminded that art is a practice, and that it takes practice. I feel rusty when it's been a while, more fluid and productive once I've warmed up or have been consistent in my work. So here's to more hours spent on arts!

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