Mar 19, 2012

portfolio site

I finally got real and made myself a legit porfolio site. Woot! I've been working on it obsessively for the past two weeks and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out. Go see for yourself:

I'm using Virb to build/host, it's pretty straight forward and you can customize their templates a little or a lot depending on your skills and knowledge and/or patience and dedication. They'll hold your hand through most basic design aspects but you can also jump in and re-write code yourself. I don't really know any code but I'm always willing to spend a few hours mixing Google search with trial and error - this time it paid off and with minimal frustration! Pretty low frustration factor overall actually. That's a thumbs-up in my book.

I have yet to finish my "about" page. As you'll see if you visit it, I'm not sure what to write yet. I'm working on that. I also want to add a secret page with surprise treats on it and maybe a "sketchies" page. We'll see.

Next I'll be working on uploading some artwork to a site called Society6. They provide an online store, do the printing of the art-prints, and ship them directly to the customer. I've heard only good things about their print quality but I'm still a little nervous since my work is small to begin with. I need to do a little more homework on the topic. I'll say more when I know more.

Then I need to make myself some new business cards... but anyway, go to already!

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  1. Oh my oh my!! I love your site Chelcie. Very well done. Makes me all kinds of happy to see it all together like that.