Dec 29, 2011


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I went to the park today for to soothe* my soul, it was the first I've been in quite a long time. It had also been a while since I'd taken my Polaroid out. There was thick cloud cover and the light was dim, but things felt good. I'm glad we are past the winter solstice. I'm glad we are done with the time of year that is for endings. We're sitting now in the season that is the peace and quiet of things already dead, we're done with the agony and loss of dying. Now we can sit and enjoy the stillness. Soon we'll be thinking of how new things might begin.

*At first I mistakenly spelled this word "sooth" - a not so erroneous error, as I did go to find truth.

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  1. Wonderful. I miss you. Lets take a walk soon. Happy New Year! Xo.