May 24, 2010

Look at these:

Thanks to my friend Renee I have become a great fan of the library, a library lover you might say. HmHmm! The library is so full of treasures!! Borrowing helps satisfy my need for treasures, while keeping my in home collection reasonable. This is my latest find:
It's a book of Native American folk tales with some really, really cool illustrations by Paul Goble. I love the simple lines and natural geometry paired with bold earthy colors and subtle textures. Here's a few more:
Look at those perfect little elk! Thank you Seattle Public Library!


  1. This book looks AMAZING! Those colors! Thanks for the inspiration. I really should use our library more. There is a branch 2 blocks from me. Xoxo, Meaghan

  2. I have seen that before, but I cannot remember where. I think my parents might have it.

    -ben adam