Aug 25, 2010

Back from an informal creative vacay...

Ah, boy! Is summer the most distracting, or what?! I haven't been here in ages! My apologies. It's just that in Seattle one mustn't miss one ounce of vitamin D or warm air while it's available. Luckily I haven't been completely unproductive, I've been stewin' on a few things and doodlin' here and there.

When I posted about my retired art journal back in May I got loads of love from all of you (thank you!thank you! and right back atcha!) so much so that I've decided to post images from my art journal more regularly. :D The idea has been rolling around in my head for some months now, I suppose I just needed a little push. Lets start off with an item I finished this evening, shall we?

...found images + watercolor + colored pencil + pen...

I just got a new computer (wee!) and I'm with out any CS, so the crop is wonky and I can't adjust levels, and so forth. Again, my apologies. Funny how I hated it before but now I miss it ever so much. Someone help me find...please! Anyhoo, I'm hoping to post an art journal item about once a week in no particular order, I'll be reaching back into the retired journal as well as posting what's current. Stay tuned! Tootles!!

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