Jan 7, 2012

gournal share

I'm fascinated by the way my brain communicates with me through dreams. Often I'll have very elaborate dreams with complex and multi-layered story lines, many characters, and time lines that seem non-linear at best. Despite contents that are confusing and terribly difficult to articulate or accurately depict when brought into the waking world, I understand the emotional aspects of these dreams absolutely and completely non-verbally. I can literally feel the meaning of what's happening but without using any words what-so-ever. Lately, instead of getting mired in the details when recounting dreams I try to describe the action to myself in the most general and arguably obvious way, the results are usually no more than a sentence or two and they tend to hold profound meaning and relevance to either my current state or a situation I've been pondering. 


{I'd like to apologize for my scanner. Apparently it prefers to totally disregard some colors while making others unbearably loud. Sorry, periwinkle blue.}

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